Parent Testimonials

“We chose Saint Scholastica because we were looking for a local affordable school that would provide both the teaching and values of our Catholic faith. We wanted a school that fosters an academic environment designed to challenge our kids while at the same time providing a supportive and caring space for all students to learn. Saint Scholastica does an excellent job of promoting the total development of the whole child. In addition to academics. students are taught the importance of respect, responsibility, service, and a sense of community starting in kindergarten.

We learned quickly that we had made the right choice for our family. Saint Scholastica has teachers and staff that truly care about all students in their building. They go above and beyond to make the students feel a part of the Saint Scholastica family. The staff consistently leads by example both inside and outside of the classroom. Saint Scholastica provides a great sense of community among the parents as well as the students. My children are young, but I truly feel we have already met some life long family friends through classmates and their families. We are confident that Saint Scholastic is laying a solid foundation for our children to lead successful well-rounded lives.”

– Leslie and Anthony Dehn

“We chose Saint Scholastica because we were looking for an affordable school that created an environment that was supportive while challenging our kids to learn more. We found that Saint Scholastica was a better value than other area schools. As both of us are working parents, we needed an option for extended care. Their on-site before and after care is more affordable than off-site daycares in the area. As Saint Scholastica is a Catholic school, additional time and costs did not have to be spent on separate religious education classes.

We continue to choose Saint Scholastica because of the families we have grown to know. Smaller number of families leads to a greater sense of community, inclusion, and support. One surprise we found is that the music and performance arts are better than most, which creates a more rounded education for our children. Saint Scholastica teaches the children academically as well as helping them grow their faith to ensure they excel for the next stages of life.”

– Kate and Steve Stapley